Saturday, January 16, 2021

Net Worth Update Jan 2021

After surpassing SGD 1 million in Dec 2020, my net worth continues its resurgence and increases by $35k to $1.048m. This is after the latest Jan 2021 salary, CPF contributions for Dec 2020, strong growth in the value of Reits in my portfolio and more than $12k of interests for 2020 credited to my CPF accounts. 

My CPF has surpassed $400k after the latest contributions and $5k Special account top up under RSTU.

My stock portfolio value in CDP has surpassed $250k and stands at $253k as at time of writing.

I prefer to adopt a laid-back approach to manage my financial health in 2021. I will reap the low hanging fruits first by topping up my own CPF SA, parent's CPF RA to enjoy the 4% interest rates and tax reliefs of $14k. Next, I will top up my own SRS account with $15.3k.

In the meantime, I am waiting to collect the dividends from my investment portfolios in CDP and SRS, build up my war chest and hunt for new investment targets. Any dip or correction will be decent opportunity to add shares. I believe this bull run is just a beginning of a new economic wave for at least 5 to 8 years. I may be wrong but I am always prepared that the stock market will tank anytime and will not be surprised if it corrects more than 30% again due to fears about new waves of lockdowns caused by this health pandemic. Nonetheless, I will stay invested and adopt a passive approach in the coming months.

Thanks for reading. Huat Ah!

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