Saturday, September 24, 2022

Passive Income in Q3 2022 and first 9 months of 2022

With a blink of an eye, almost 9 months of 2022 have whizzed by.

In third quarter of year 2022, I have collected the following passive streams of interests and dividends.

$117.50 Savings Bond (1 Jul)
$370.20 UOB (22 Aug)
$96 Sembcorp Ind (23 Aug)
$90 Wilmar (24 Aug) SRS
$456 Mapletree Com Trust (25 Aug)
$960.12 OCBC (25 Aug) SRS
$186.56 Ascott Trust (29 Aug)
$213.00 Comfortdelgro (29 Aug) SRS
$307.42 Keppel Reit (29 Aug) SRS
$120.95 Suntec Reit (29 Aug)
€169.20 ($234.35) IREIT Global (31 Aug)
$119.50 Savings Bond (1 Sep)
$188.00 ST Eng (2 Sep) SRS
$787.30 Ascendas Reit (5 Sep)
$939.60 Capland Int Com Trust (9 Sep)
$403.92 Keppel DC Reit (9 Sep) SRS
$286.80 (109 Shares) Mapletree Ind Trust DRP (9 Sep)
$226.80 Mapletree Log Trust (9 Sep)
$211.31 (182 Shares) Capitaland China Trust DRP (22 Sep)
$729.60 Aims Apac Reit (23 Sep)
$42 OUE (29 Sep)

The total amount of passive income in Q3 2022 is $7,086.93, a 48% YoY increase from Q3 2021's $4,740.77.

Together with the $9,903.18 passive income in the first half of 2022, my passive income in the first 9 months of 2022 is


Time in the market beats timing the market. I am happy to remain primarily invested locally in SGX for passive income, while having a little exposure to US tech stocks for selling put options to collect premiums.

My ultimate goal is to own an investment portfolio valued at one million dollars yielding at least $50k of passive income annually. Currently, I am at less than half of the journey as my SGX income portfolio and SRS ultra long-term portfolios are valued at around $400K and dividends are projected to be around $20k for this year.

My motto is to live frugally, save up, invest in any bear or bull market conditions, slowly and steadily build up my investments.

I look forward to collecting more dividends as passive income in the final quarter of Year 2022.

Thanks for reading. Stay focused and remain steadfast as always! Huat ah!

With love and peace, 

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Net Worth Update Sep 2022



My net worth inches up 0.2% to $1.318m from Aug 22.

Another all time high after collecting my Sep 22 salary, Aug 2022 CPF contributions and more dividends from my SGX income portfolio and paying off all my credit card liabilities and bills.

The increase was offset by taking a beating from the tanking of stock prices in my portfolios past few days from red hot inflation and further interest rate hike fears.

I have already completed SRS contribution of $15.3k, $8k RSTU of CPF SA account and $8k RSTU of my mum's CPF RA account for the year, reaping all the low hanging fruits of tax reliefs and guaranteed risk free yields.

Cash is a great performing asset in such high interest rate environment and I have deployed my war chest into Fullerton SGD Cash Fund by Moomoo yielding on average 2.3% and into Money Market Fund by Phillips Capital yielding around 1.5%.

I have also replaced fixed deposits to increase their yields from 1.28% to 2.7%!

Cash is still King!

I plan to subscribe for the next few months of Singapore Savings Bonds, which should hopefully still yield more than 2.5% on average for the next decade.

I am also on the lookout to add high quality S-Reits into my SGX income portfolio.

The remaining months of year 2022 remains challenging and turbulent. Another 2 rounds of 0.75% to 1% interest rate are on the cards of the Fed to curb immense inflation which could have already peaked but the pace of increase could slow down. Global supply chain crunch, high oil prices and the Ukraine war have caused the prices of food and necessities to remain high. Prices of large items such as properties and cars continue to rise despite more costly mortgage loans. 

The stock markets remain volatile and unpredictable but I still believe every dip presents a great buying opportunity to increase our investments in especially high quality income-producing Reits and growth tech stock.

Continue to invest for more passive income. Cashflow is also King! Continue making our monies work harder and own more income producing assets for more cashflow! Own more streams of income besides our salaried job.

Life is great in an endemic world. Ignore the noises. Stay focused. Remain on track. Be greedy when others are fearful. We will get to our goals and dreams. En route to financial freedom!

Thanks for reading. Stay safe and remain strong always!

With love & peace,

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Added Frasers Centrepoint Trust


Frasers Centrepoint Trust (FCT) has recently increased its stake in Waterway Point by 10% for S$132.3m with debt and internal funding.

My order of 5,000 shares of FCT at $2.26 was filled end of today after weakness in share price due to Wall Street greatest plunge in 2 years, on the back of hot inflation reports stirring growing fears of more interest rate hikes to combat unabating inflation.

At $2.26, FCT is trading below its net asset value of $2.30 and yielding more than 5%. It is hard to find a high quality resilient Reit below NAV this days.

FCT has been on my watchlist to grow my SGX income portfolio. It will be paying its 1H 2022 dividends (>6 cents per share hopefully) in Nov 22 soon.

My recent visits to Northpoint City owned by FCT has been encouraged by great retail crowd, strong retail sales, high tenancy and more efficient usage of atrium spaces for sales events.

I believe it is a no brainer to add FCT for long-term investment albeit the short-term volatility. 

Thanks for reading.

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With love & peace,

Friday, September 02, 2022

How I Achieved CPF 0.5M3X !


After a decade of working and manipulating with my CPF savings, my CPF balances have crossed SGD500k.

This is a psychological milestone that I am happy about.

Definitely there will always be CPF naysayers who claim CPF monies are locked up and not our monies. Goal post can keep shifting as Full Retirement Sum keeps increasing to ensure most peasants will never get to touch their own CPF savings until they end up in grave and so on.

I still believe that CPF is our monies as we could use it to pay for housing, education and medical needs other than food, clothes, car and entertainment.

How I managed to hit 0.5M3X?

a. I started working odd jobs in my teens and got CPF contributions.

b. I also transferred funds from OA to SA when I started working after graduation from university.

c. I made CPF SA contributions under Retirement Sum Top-Up scheme for tax reliefs.

d. I refunded back the CPF OA amount used for HDB BTO downpayment.

e. I grinded in a job that allows me to hit $6k monthly salary within 6 years of working, to max out both employee and employer CPF contributions.

If I can do it, anyone can do it too. In fact, I slowed down the transfer of OA to SA in order to slow down hitting CPF SA Full Retirement Sum early so as to enjoy a few more years of RSTU.

Thanks for reading!

With love & peace,

Thursday, September 01, 2022

Double Up on my Fixed Deposit Interest Rate


I placed a fixed deposit with OCBC in May at a rate of 1.28% p.a. for 2 years.

That was one of the best deals months ago before recent surges in interest rates.

I woke up today to see a higher rate offered by UOB.

The main catch is the placement must be at least S$20k of fresh funds.

Hence I instinctly decided to cancel my fixed deposit with OCBC, wasting 4 months by getting 0.05% board rate interest and principal amount back.

Then I place the fresh funds with UOB.

There it goes! 

1.28%@24 months to 2.7%@15 months which is not shown on their website!

I acknowledge that this is not the best deal and interest rates may go up higher in next few weeks but I prefer to lock in my money at around CPF OA rates in local banks such as UOB and OCBC, which coincidentally I "own" shares in, rather than foreign banks which offer even higher interest rates.

Thanks for reading. Stay focused and remain steadfast as always! Huat ah!

With love and peace, 

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Portfolio Update August 2022

It is time to update my investment portfolios on the last day of August 2022.

The stock markets remained volatile and uncertain under the immense noises engulfing Fed tapering, interest rates hikes, inflation fears, recession fears, pandemic fears, rise of US Treasury yields, Ukraine war, poor company quarterly results and so on.

I stay unswayed and steadfast in my pursuit of financial freedom quest. I am on standby to deploy more of my war chest in S-Reits and US growth stock while collecting option premiums for fun.

My idle cash remains in fixed deposits and money market funds such as Philip Money Market Fund, Fullerton Cash Fund in Moomoo and Singapore Savings Bonds generating average yields of above 2%.

My SGX Income Portfolio value falls to $283.5k from $292.5k last month mainly due to fears about more interest rate hikes by the Fed to curb inflation, and post XD weakness of the share prices of most Reits.

My US/HK Growth Portfolio value drops to US$19.3k from US$20.5k last month due to recent pullback of tech growth stocks in the portfolios.

My SRS Ultra Long-Term Portfolio value inches up to $117.5k from $117.2k mainly due to dividends received from OCBC, ComfortDelgro and Keppel Reit boosting the SRS cash position.

Portfolio Actions


Portfolio Dividends

1. Received $370.20 of dividends from UOB on 22 Aug.

2. Received $96 of dividends from Sembcorp Ind on 23 Aug.

3. Received $90 of dividends from Wilmar on 24 Aug in SRS.

4. Received $456 of dividends from Mapletree Pan-Asia Com Trust on 25 Aug.

5. Received $960.12 of dividends from OCBC on 25 Aug in SRS.

6. Received $186.56 of dividends from Ascott Trust on 29 Aug.

7. Received $120.95 of dividends from Suntec Reit on 29 Aug.

8. Received $213 of dividends from Comfortdelgro on 29 Aug in SRS.

9. Received $307.42 of dividends from Keppel Reit on 29 Aug in SRS.

10. Received $233.50 of dividends from IREIT Global on 31 Aug.

SGX Income Portfolio

Portfolio Value = $283.5k

US/HK Growth Portfolio


Tiger Broker

Syfe Trade

Total Portfolio Value = US$19.3k

SRS Ultra Long-Term Portfolio

Thank you for reading.

With love & peace, 

Monday, August 29, 2022

Allotment Results for Singapore Savings Bonds (SBSEP22 GX22090Z)


The allotment results for Sep 2022 Singapore Savings Bond are out!

It is heartening to find out that the allotment limit is SGD 13,000 as this tranche has been less oversubscribed with more total quantum on offer as compared to previous month.

$900m of bonds are offered with $1,904,323,500 worth of total applications. 

I applied for $11k and was allocated all Likewise for all who applied more, they will also get the same $13k or at most $13.5k.

I think the average yield for Oct 2022 tranche may remain below 3% due to the inverted yield curve whereby short - term US treasury bond yields more than long-term one. Furthermore, the next round of interest rate hike will take place in Sep 2022 after details of Oct 2022 SSB are announced.

Nonetheless, I will continue to subscribe for Singapore Savings Bonds for the rest of the year.

An individual holding limit for SSB is $200k and I target to hit $100k by end of this year.

Thanks for reading. Invest safe and remain focused as always.

With love & peace,