Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Hello Folks!

This is the inaugural post of my blog. I have revived this old blog and kicked it out of life on a warm evening on the last day of 2019.

Why do I suddenly come up with this blog?
I believe that life is a story book with many chapters. We are the lead actor or actress in the story. The environment, events and people surrounding us are just playing supporting roles in our story. Each chapter denotes 1 decade of our lives. How many chapters of one's book varies among us. Some will have 7 chapters, some up to 10 chapters. Nobody will have 15 or 20 chapters. Time is ticking away and stories happen every day in our stories. I believe that a Rich Life can be lived for Free because the basic elements to sustain life are free - Oxygen in the Air and Food that we can grow or rear ourselves.

Who am I?
I am simple guy living on the tropical island/city state of Singapore. I have little wants and contented easily. I have recently embraced a minimalist mindset to live simply within my own means and to eat only healthy and simple foods. I try to exercise once a while to maintain some fitness. My goal is to achieve a SGD 1 million net worth before 30 June 2021, which is around my 35th birthday. Then i also aim to to attain FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) in 2026.

What I will share?
As the new decade starting from Year 2020 looms near, i am approaching mid 30s and I hope to enter the next chapter (Chapter 4 to be exact) of my story with confidence, fearless, contentment and aspire to achieve freedom through financial independence and reframing of mindset. I hope to share my journey of twist and turns in the story through this blog. Topics to be covered span across anything in the world ranging from investments in Reits, SGX stocks, bonds, life hacks and philosophy, politics, science and travels hopefully.  I have made the first step forward to make a difference to my own story. Let us together embrace the future and empower freedom in our lives in the journey to come!!!

With Love and Peace,