Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Practising Stoicism

During the period of "downtime" in 2020, I have been pondering on the kind of lifestyle that I want to lead. I have reinforced my personal philosophy of "Live Rich Live Free" and realized that my ideals stemmed from the ancient philosophy of stoicism, which many successful men have also embraced.

First of all as a Stoic, to live a life rich and free, I have to have no fear and greed when encountering challenges during work and obstacles in life. I must also not be greedy because it is impossible to earn all the monies in this world; to eat all the food in this universe is also impossible. No point aiming to own a trillion dollars in the bank only to be the richest man in the graveyard. I need to enjoy living in the moment, in the present and not dwell on unhappy moments in the past. Being financially free is more than sufficient to achieve a free life and opens up a world of choices.

I must also be contented in life by leading a simple lifestyle with little needs. I have identified the most basic things I need in my daily life to survive. In work, I try to keep declutter my desk and digitise all information and data as softcopy. I merely need 2 notebooks (One is computer, one is really notebook), a pen to jot down ideas or notes quickly. Anything else is extra. As I have put on weight in the past 2 years, I thought that I should limit myself to just 3 meals a day with no tea break. I must not succumb myself to eating more calories than what I could burn as my metabolic rate is not as high as when I was a student 10 years ago. In a nutshell, I am happy to lead a simple life with the bare necessities and not going hungry with 3 meals catered for. I have treasured the things that I have in life. I have my own room to sleep and rest in, a comfortable office to work to earn my monthly paycheck, and most importantly a decent life that is alive and kicking.

It is no wrong to be a slacker and enjoy chillax sessions whenever I can. I believe that life is short. I was inspired by the reading of Senecca's the shortness of life. I want to and have to enjoy every moment of my life, not after retirement at age 67. Have to enjoy life NOW!! and I mean it. I cannot be angry or too particular about trivial things anymore. Life is not to be spent but rather to be enjoyed and lived in. However, this concept is different from the ideology of YOLO (You only Live once) because YOLO could result in one overspending one's wealth or over-indulgent in those short-lived luxuries which is against the philosophy of Stoicism that encompasses the elements of minimalism, simplicity and prudence.

Lastly, as the stock markets have recovered strongly, I should not be too happy or greedy. I have to be indifferent as those profits I see now are on paper only. The long term plan of living a life free from the passive income generated from my stock income portfolio should be reinforced, rather than a short term surge in the stock market, which I believed is due to massive funds injection by the big boys to window dress, or another round of pump and dump whereby eventually there will be profit takings that result in dips or corrections.

Momento Mori! We can't live forever but we can always choose to live rich life free during our short span in this universe. 

Just some rantings and personal philosophical thoughts. Thanks for reading.

With love and peace,

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