Sunday, January 31, 2021

Portfolio Update Jan 2021

Wrapping up the first month of year 2021, my portfolio value increases $3k to $246k.

While equities shot up during the beginning of the year, they corrected recently to reflect reality and we also witnessed how the mighty strength of retail investors can counter the financial power of hedge funds in the Gamestop saga.

I adopted a passive approach and have not made any capital injection for new investments and did not take profits from selling any counter in my portfolio. My primary war chest in POEMS Market Money Fund stands at a meagre $2k. This will only increase after dividends are cashed in from Feb to Mar 21 and channeling of savings from Feb's salary into the war chest. I intend to top up another $2k to my CPF SA account to complete the RSTU of $7k. Then I will focus on topping up my SRS account to max out the limit of $15,300 for tax relief before shifting my attention back to growing my investment portfolio.

Portfolio Actions

Nil as I have not buy nor sell anything in 2021

Portfolio Dividends

1. Received $107 from a $10k Singapore Savings Bond on 4 Jan

My ultra long-term portfolio inches up $3k to $84k. Notably Keppel DC Reit has reported a 27.5% increase in H2 2020 DPU year-on-year to demonstrate the strength of data centres supporting the immense growth of data and computing. Keppel Reit has reported a 4.6% increase in H2 2020 DPU year-on-year due to new overseas assets from T Tower in South Korea and Victoria Police Centre in Australia. I am very glad to have both Keppel Reits in my SRS portfolio. However, it is important to be prepared that equity fund raising may take place for Reits and I should reserve some funds in SRS account for such corporate action.

Thanks for reading. Stay strong and be safe!

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