Friday, January 14, 2022

Net Worth Update Jan 2022 | Crawl Towards SGD 1.2 million



My net worth increases $27k to $1.189m from Dec 2021.

The increase are mainly contributed by $14k interests and $6k contributions from Dec salary and AWS bonuses received in CPF.

My CPF has surpassed $460k. I have planned to top up $8k to my CPF SA under Retirement Scheme Top-Up (RSTU) by the end of this month.

I then target to top up my SRS account in a few tranches and complete the maximum contribution of $15.3k by Apr 2022.

The value of my stocks and equities remain fairly stable. Recently, there was a correction to factor in the rise in interest rates and I injected some capital to add Mapletree Industrial Trust, nibble Alibaba (HK.9988) and some US stocks i.e. Walt Disney and Citigroup. I hope to increase my stocks and equities value to at least $300k this year.

I have started my cryptocurrencies journey for more than 2 months and factored in $500 worth of cryptocurrencies but the slice is too small to be shown in the pie chart.

Last year, I adopted a laid-back approach to manage my financial health.

This year, my strategy will be different. I will take on greater risks through options trading, accumulating growth and turnaround stocks, purchase crypto alt coins after reaping the low hanging fruits provided by CPF and SRS.

Meanwhile, I will still slowly build up the SGX income portfolio through adding high quality Reits. The best time to add Reits is now, when there are some fear and immense noises on rising interest rates to beat inflation. When the institutional investors and retail folks realise that despite a few rounds of interest rate hikes, the best place to earn decent returns on their money is still in Reits, then funds will flow in to jack them back up. The cycle just repeats. Same as end 2018.

2022 will continue to be a challenging year for us dealing with impact from the pandemic and learning to live with the virus in an endemic society. Global economies will continue to recover with ever changing laws and regulations. There will be noises, fears and concerns as usual.

We need to stay focused, staying on track in pursuit of our own life objectives. 

Thanks for reading. Stay safe and remain strong always!

With love & peace,


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