Thursday, April 25, 2024

Applied for Singapore Savings Bonds (SBMAY24 GX24050X)


The May 2024 tranche of Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) has an average yield of 3.06% over 10 years.

The first 6 years yield a flat 2.99% per annum; 7th year yields 3.03% p.a, 8th year yields 3.2% p.a. and 9th, 10th years yield 3.27% p.a.

Although such yield is lower than other lower risk alternatives such as T Bills and money market funds which easily yield more than 3% currently, it is higher than CPF OA rate of 2.5% p.a. and some bank fixed deposits which yield less than 3%.

If we also consider the great flexibility, liquidity of SSB for redemption and long-term lock down at above 3% p.a for the next decade, then this tranche of SSB is fairly enticing for us to park our spare cash at zero risk, capital guaranteed for the mid to long-term. 

We could redeem SSB anytime, earning interest at 2.99% in the short-term while getting back our capital for deployment to other investments or large item purchases unlike T Bills and bank fixed deposits which would incur losses or forfeit of interest with premature withdrawals. Do note that the redemption process of SSB can be up to 1 month of lead time.

I decided to apply for $10k of this May 2024 tranche using my remaining funds in war chest.

There it goes.

S$900m is up for grabs.

The first payment will be on 1 Nov 2024 and this bond will mature on 1 May 2034.

I will still be happy to inject more cash into SSB in the next few months if the yields stay above 3%. My ultimate aim is to max out the personal limit of S$200k soon.

If you are interested in this tranche of SSB, do note that the application dateline is today, 25 Mar 2024, 9pm for online applications.

Thank you for reading.

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