Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Memento Mori: RIP Charlie Munger


Investment guru, trusted side-kick of Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger passed away today at the age of 99.

His estimated net worth of $2.6 billion has been left behind, rendering "Die with Zero" an insurmountable task for billionaires.

Charlie Munger was the vice-chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and believed in buying great businesses at fair or undervalued prices, leveraging on the magical power of compounding over long-term to grow his wealth tremendously.

A simple man, with no frills lifestyle, embracing frugality and down-to-earth spending habits, he modestly lived in the same house for decades and ate only simple meals and fast foods.

He is a great role model for those of us striving towards achieving financial independence or freedom.

It is important to know that no matter how much wealth or success one attain in life, only taxes and death are certain.

All of us cannot escape the harsh reality of returning back to earth as ashes.

Memento Mori

Remember you must die.

Thank you for reading.

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