Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Free Public Holiday on 1 Sep 2023 in Singapore!


The Elections Department has announced 3 candidates in the upcoming Presidential election held on 1 Sep 2023 which will be a public holiday for all in Singapore.

What does this entail?

For employees, it means one day of free salary for not doing any work.

For employees, it means one day of incurring staff costs for no work.

For the 3 candidates, it means one of them will be elected as the symbolic head of state for the Republic of Singapore, a country strong and free, prosperous and peaceful. The close to SGD 2 million remuneration will be a boost to their financial war chests considering that none of them worked for free in their decades long careers.

The Singapore President holds some executive power over the country's national reserves, revoking or appointing public service appointments or granting pardons to save lives of convicted drug traffickers sentenced with death penalties. Of course, there are other diplomatic work to maintain goodwill and relationships with counterparts of other nations, states or countries. 

As a salaried slave, I am happy to enjoy this free holiday to rest, do nothing and get paid, while having the chance to possible cast a vote in the presidential election though I do not believe my vote will affect the outcome of the election.

I hope everyone is happy to have this free holiday and look forward to 1 Sep.

Thank you for reading. Stay focused and remain steadfast as always!

With love & peace,

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