Monday, July 19, 2021

My Small Contribution Towards Normalcy

Today, I had my first dose of Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine at the nearby community centre.

The entire process was smooth and took less than 1 hour - 15 mins of waiting for the 5 second jab and 30 mins of waiting after jab for any symptoms before being allowed to leave.
Waiting outside the community centre before entering the vaccination hall. 

Sitting down to wait for 30 mins after getting jabbed before name is called and proceeding to discharge station and then leave. 

Getting vaccinated is a small step towards normalcy because it is evident that this virus will not go away after mankind has battle against it for more than 1.5 years already.

To carry on with our lives and possibly revert to doing activities we enjoy during pre-Covid days, getting vaccinated seems to be the only way out besides getting the virus and surviving it.

The governments over the world seem to have started differentiating people who are vaccinated with those who are not, dishing in perks to allow vaccinated people to enjoy events such as as attending concerts, weddings, religious ceremonies and even leisure travel. 

With so much resources spent on battling this virus all over the world, it is possible that this virus will eventually be treated as an endemic and we humans, be allowed to carry on with our lives as usual. The survival of the fittest game is played such that natural selection allows the strongest, fittest and people able to adapt to live on, while eradicating the weakest and those who could not adapt.

I was skeptical and refused to get vaccinated initially due to the numerous reported side effects, but decided to give in due to the lure of freedom - the opportunity for travel to other countries in future, getting to live life normally by attending crowded events such as concerts, sports, parties again. Most importantly, getting vaccinated in Singapore is free and borne by the government. I enjoy free things personally and could not resist getting a vaccine which could give me back my freedom to 'Live Rich Life Free' again! 

I hereby encourage those of you who have not gotten vaccinated, to quickly arrange for a shot as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading. As always, stay safe and remain strong.

With love & peace, 

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