Friday, April 02, 2021

Portfolio Update Mar 2021 - Hitting new highs


I have seen my portfolio value swing wildly this month and on the first day of Apr 2021 (for late Mar 2021 update), it has increased $16k to $256k compared to Feb 2021. This includes a capital injection of $5.3k for adding Mapletree Logistics Trust. $256k is the highest ever portfolio value achieved and is a stark contrast in fortune compared to the onslaught one year ago.

It has been a roller coaster ride in the stock markets but in overall, there were more green days than red days. I believe the stock market is still at the beginning of a bull run given the humongous amount of stimulus funds injected into the system, interest rates kept at ultra low levels and the global economic recoveries have not fully kickstart yet.

Portfolio Actions

1. Bought 3,000 shares of Mapletree Logistics Trust at $1.78

Portfolio Dividends

1. Received $143.85 from Keppel DC Reit on 8 Mar in SRS account

2. Received $164 from Mapletree Industrial Trust on 8 Mar

3. Received $167.80 from Ascendas Reit on 9 Mar

4. Received $278.40 from Capitaland Integrated Com Trust on 9 Mar

5. Received $72.10 from Mapletree Logistics Trust on 15 Mar

6. Received $656 from Aims Apac Reit on 19 Mar

7. Received $97.30 from Keppel Reit on 31 Mar in SRS account

My Ultra Long-Term SRS portfolio increases to $93k from $84k last month and this includes a top up of $4.5k to my SRS account. OCBC is the top performer after announcing its latest Q4 earnings which beat expectations and a dividend of 15.9 cents. ST Engineering expectedly will be paying a 10 cent dividend and Comfortdelgro which is heavily impacted by the health pandemic also managed to announce a payment of 1.43 cents which is better than nothing. Generally I am happy with these 5 counters in the portfolio and confident to rely on them for consistent passive income for the next few decades.

Thanks for reading. Stay strong and be safe!

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