Saturday, February 24, 2024

Unveiling and Analysing my $150k SRS Portfolio


I realised that my SRS porfolio has surpassed S$150k today!

This is upon tallying the cash balance and the market values of the stocks in my SRS as I have started contributing funds to my SRS in the past weeks.

I opened my SRS account with OCBC in Dec 2016 after more than 5 years of working.

My SRS portfolio has grown slowly and steadily from $0 over the past 7 years to $150,608.69 now.

I decided to analyse my SRS portfolio which was neglected largely as I believe this is a vault which can only be activated after 62 years old or upon retirement.

In my net worth tracking, I conservatively account my SRS component as cumulative amount of funds contributed over the past. This amounts to $124,664.43 now.

Hence, my gains are almost $26k or 20% over 7 years from capital gains and dividends collected. This translate into a modest 2.7% annualised rate of return.

With the benefit of hindsight, I believe that I could have done better for my SRS. However, as a novice investor managing my own idle funds, I am contented to be able to generate decent returns with minimal effort instead of incurring losses.

From the pie chart, the bulk of my SRS is invested into OCBC and this investment turns out to be the best performer as my average cost is less than $10 and its market share price is above $13 now. I have reaped around $7k of dividends from it too.

My second best performer is ST Engineering as I bought it at $3.22 in 2017 and has collected more than $4k of dividends over the years while enjoying capital gains.

My third best performer is Keppel Reit even though its share price now at $0.885 is lower than my buy price of $1.03 in 2016. I have collected close to $4k of dividends hence it is still a winner overall.

My poorest performers are actually ComfortDelgro, Keppel DC Reit and Wilmar as I bought them at high prices at $2.09, $2,88 and $4.33 respectively and they are still in the red after a few years of investment and dividends collected. Fortunately, they only constitute 17% of the portfolio collectively. Since they are still able to pay my dividends consistently and their fundamentals did not deteriorate much, I will not consider cutting losses on them.

Moving forward, I plan to increase my OCBC ratio to 50% and hope that I could get rid of the losers to recycle into other local bank stock such as DBS or UOB. I may also consider getting T-Bills or SSBs before interest rates start to fall.

Thanks for reading. Happy Full Moon on 15th day of CNY!

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