Thursday, June 10, 2021

Portfolio Rebalancing - Sold TWTR to Nibble the Largest Semiconductor Foundry Coy in the World, TSM

I have rebalanced my new US growth stock portfolio for the very first time.

I have not been in favour of social media stocks such as Facebook, Twitter and Netflix as I am always remembering the burst of dot com bubble in late 1990s. I am also not an avid user of social media, other than watching a lot of YouTube videos.

Upon seeing the share price of Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) go above $60, I placed a sell order of $60.51 on 9 Jun 2021 and got filled.

Today, I decided to nibble some shares of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (NYSE:TSMC) to initiate a first position in the world's largest semiconductor fountry which boasts Apple, Qualcomm, Nvidia, AMD and Intel as its customers. It will be a long term position as TSM dominates more than 90% of the market share in manufacturing <10nm advanced chip technology. I also believe in its immense 7nm chip (potentially down to 3nn and even 2nm) making capabilites to supply the pipeline of demand for chips to fuel the continual explosive growth of computing era. TSM duopolised the mobile CPU processor market with Samsung as Apple, MediaTek and Qualcomm all outsourced their CPU production to TSM. 

This is merely the beginning. I will continue to build up my US growth portfolio regardless of market conditions.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe and be strong as always. 

With love & peace, 

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