Saturday, January 11, 2020

First Top Up to CPF SA in 2020!

I have depleted my war chest for Ascendas Reit Rights in Dec 19 and Mapletree Commercial Trust's preferential offering in Nov 19. So I am in a low cash position and unable to capitalise on any stock market corrections that present good buying opportunites. Thankfully, the Iran US war did not take place, and the small dip in the markets normalized back.

With some incoming cash flow from the first salary in 2020, I cleared off all the credit cards liabilities as usual, allocated some for daily expenses and squeezed out the maximum possible amount for CPF SA top up under the Retirement Sum Top Up Scheme. I wish I could dump $7000 in Jan 2020 to maximize the interests earned but $4400 is the most I have for it.

The benefits of making this top up are to earn the risk free 4% interests from CPF SA and to save taxes.I will need to top up $2600 more in Feb 2020 to complete the $7000 CPF SA top up. After which I will start to target my SRS. I will continue to be in a low cash position for at least 1st Quarter of 2020 before I can start building up my war chest to hunt for the next prey. But since there are not many buying opportunities now and with the results reporting season looming for the Reits, I will just sit back and enjoy the numerous Ang Baos trickling in after the Chinese New Year when the Reits all start to pay dividends. I am looking forward to Mapletree Commercial Trust, Aims Apac, Ascott Trust and Ascendas Reit reporting higher than ever DPUs. 

Before 31 Jan 2020, I will also continue to add on to Ascott Trust ustilising the free brokerage promotion by Phillips Securities. See my previous post Ascott Trust Odd Lots Free Brokerage Promo 
Huat Ah!

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