Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Net Worth Update Nov 2020

My net worth increases $13k to $992k from Oct 2020.

It is another stride towards SGD 1 million.

I injected around $6k to buy Capitaland Integrated Com Trust and subscribed to Mapletree Logistics Trust's preferential offering shares this month.

The vaccine news and post US Presidential election news have indeed propelled many stocks and Reits in my portfolio, contributing to my net worth growth.

Many of the Reits have reported their quarterly or semi annual results and announced dividends to be paid in this month and Dec 2020. This will give a further boost to my war chest and net worth. 

I will continue to stay focused and disciplined, grind at work, chillax, live frugally, save up and invest more money into the stock market for the rest of the year.

The next corporate action I will participate in will be Ascendas Reit's Prefential Offering at $2.96 a share. Meanwhile, I am still nibbling 99 shares of CICT everyday using the free odd lots brokerage promotion on Phillips POEMS.

As long-term investors, we should not be too bothered the short term volatility and noises from the mainstream news. Always be prepared for corrections in the financial markets while we enjoy surges. Enjoy sailing through the ups and downs of the wave tides instead of paddling against the resistance in our investment journeys. Have a plan, stick to it and be in control of our destiny!

Thanks for reading.

With love & peace,


Cory said...

I bet this is exciting milestone. Reminded me of myself when I crossed it in Sept 2009. I still find it unbelievable.


Qiongster said...

Yup it is a psychological milestone but just numbers. Slowly but surely.

STE said...

Congrats !!

My Investment Machine said...

why u share this nibbling trick lol. later they close the loophole

Qiongster said...

Thanks STE!

Qiongster said...

Promo is until 11 Dec only and I almost collected what I want. Don't think there are many cheapos like me do such thing to save on brokerage. Of course, hope there will be more mergers of Reits in future